Forum Title: Fixing hole in hollow core door
On my bathroom door, we have hooks mounted for bath towels. However, apparently the loop on my wife's towel got twisted on the hook so when she grabbed it, it ripped out the hook, and some paint. I used wood filler for the tiny screw holes. I thought about sanding it down, painting, and trying to mount it again. Are there any better suggestions on a fix? Attached is a pic (sorry its sideways)
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: EVELYN NGUYEN (Janesville, WI), 01/22/2019

Could be that air infiltration is making the frames extra cold. If you can remove exterior trim and / or siding, do that so a membrane can be applied over the nailing fin. That will help air seal. You can remove interior trim and cut out the foam. It could be there are gaps or maybe it is just not fully insulated. The type of frame can also contribute to heat loss. You would notice that the most on poor quality windows that are not meant for cold climates. Finally, humidity can be an issue. Lower the humidity as much as possible. If your furnace has a humidifier, turn it off in winter months. Run bath fans after showers. Make sure dryer vents are not clogged and that they vent to the outside. Your drywall should not contact the window frame and joint compound should not be used where they meet. It should be a water resistant setting compound, and a tearaway L-bead can be used to prevent direct contact.

- MELANIE ALVARADO (Hillsboro, OR), 02/27/2019

You may be able to copy the grain affect. As you make the patch with filler you might try getting some type of paper or vinyl with a similar pattern and press it against the soft filler to imprint it. If must use another hook that screws in to the door try using a mollybolt or toggle bolt. Better still use those over the door hooks.

- CHARLES S (Charlotte, NC), 03/01/2019

I'd scrape/cut off the jagged edges and use a filler. As Norm said you can texture the wet filler to make it blend or at least not stand out as bad. I'd probably use a sponge for the texture and whatever works to add the grain lines.

- LAWRENCE PETERSON (Albuquerque, NM), 02/26/2019

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